COMEX - Continetal Machinery Exchange Corp.



We are uniquely qualified to provide any type of services and assistance to users of precision machine tools due to the experience gained in the operation of our high precision Swiss screw machine shop for over 20 years. Therefore the listing below is only a basic outline of our capabilities.

  1. Sales and service of new machine tools.
  2. Purchase and sale of used machine tools from single units to complete manufacturing operations.
  3. We are the only Swiss screw machine dealer in North America capable of providing full "Turnkey" service from one location including but not limited to the following: time study, machine & tooling cost estimate, layout & tool design, cam cutting, set-up, machine repair and rebuilding. Sales and service of new and used machines, attachments and parts.
    Training of operating & set-up personnel, consulting services for start up operations and manufacturiing facilities of any size.
  4. We maintain a large stock of Swiss screw machinery, attachments and parts, we also maintain a consignment stocklist for our valued customers.
  5. Rebuilding or reconditioning of any Swiss type sliding headstock automatics and coil feed Escomatics. Please ask for our detailed rebuilding description sheet.
  6. Appraisals and evaluations of a single machine tool to complete plants.
  7. We can quickly locate machinery, attachments, parts and tools which we do not have in stock with the help of a large pool of local and foreign suppliers.
  • Used Machine Tools of any description
  • Swiss Screw Machines (CNC and CAM type)
  • Attachments
  • Parts (new, used, rebuilt)
  • Screw Machine Shops
  • Complete Plants
  • Full line of new Machine Tools
  • "Turnkey" projects are our specialty
  • Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraisers (AMEA), USPAP Conforming
  • We buy "junk" Swiss Screw machines, Attachments, Parts and Tools to build up our inventory of used Spare Parts.

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