COMEX - Continetal Machinery Exchange Corp.



CNC and Cam Swiss Automatic & Escomatic Attachments
Support Equipment • Repair Parts • Tooling • Cams • Training
  • Manufacturing Feasability Study
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Buy or Make Study
  • Screw Machine Modernization
  • Layout and Cam Design (Swiss & Esco)
  • Tooling & Toolholders (Swiss and Esco)
  • Spare Parts (Swiss & Esco)
  • Training
  • Esco Toolhead Rebuilding
  • Parts Cleaners
  • Tool Grinders
  • Oil Extractors
Industrial Precision Components Corporation provides a wide range of services, mainly to users of precision machine tools and Swiss Screw Machines.

Our approach, both in philosophy and practice is unique, blending our own service, design and manufacturing capabilities with the broad range of equipment and capabilities available through our local Vendors and European Suppliers.

We feel this approach is essential for meeting the rapidly changing needs of today's business environment.

Founded in 1968, IPCC has built its reputation based on workmanship, excellent customer service, outstanding overall quality control and sharing of its "know how:"

IPCC operated a High Precision Swiss Automatic job shop with 25 employees, the operation was downsized and the job shop was sold in 1989.

During the same year we coordinated out business activities with COMEX (Continental Machinery Exhange Corporation) allowing us to offer a full range of machinery equipment and services to the Precision Machining Industry.

We now share with COMEX the 11,000 sq. ft. facility on 145 Front Street in Bridgeport. There we store thousands of spare parts, stock our new machines, conduct training classes and demonstrate all equipment under power for our clients.

Because of its experience in the metal working industry and machining of material such as titanium, nickel alloys, high temperature steels and copper alloys. IPCC is able to design and recommend tooling, cams and equipment which will produce high quality parts at high production rates.

If there is a single difference that separates IPCC from all others: it is people. We are dedicated to understanding and staying on top of the needs of our customers.


  • Drilling and milling attachments
  • Knurling and boring tool holders
  • Layouts, cams and special tooling
  • Set-up service and training
  • Spare parts, reverse engineering of obsolete parts for any Swiss Automatic


  • Vapor Degreasing Systems, using Hydrocarbon solvents under vacuum. Meets EPA specifications
  • Centerless Grinder


  • Automatic Milling
  • Driling & grinding units
  • Spindles for milling
  • Drilling, grinding & polishing
  • Application Engineering & Machining units using NSK AMERICA Spindles


  • Polygon Turning & milling attachments
  • Drilling & threading attachments
  • Escomatic tooling & head rebuilding
  • Chip Spinners
  • Diamond wheel grinders & wheels
  • Form tool grinder
  • Collets, bushings, tool holders insert tooling
  • Spare parts for Swiss Automatics

Aryma Oil ExtractorsAryma Oil Extractors
Aryma Centrifuges have been manufactured for over 50 years and are designed for the needs of industry. More than 2000 machines were sold during that time, proving themselves in demanding practical use. Besides the standard line, ARYMA also designs and builds special versions. ARYMA Centrifuges serve to remove oil from machined parts, chips and grinding sludge. Their strong features are:

  • Robust construction
  • Ease of operation
  • Brake with safety mechanism
  • Oil recovery up to 98%
  • Dependable repair service and supply of parts

Specialty for the watch industry and spinning of very small parts.The centrifuges are equipped with cover, mechanical brake and electrical main switch.

Centrifuges up to 30kg.
The centrifuges 5, 12 and 25 Litres are widely used in the screw machine industry. The machines are simple to olperate and can be loaded manually, without loading devices. The charge weight of 30 kg for the centrifuge 25 L represents the upper limit for manual loading.

Centrifuges over 30kg.
With loading device. Electric hoist with swivel arm, with yoke for lifting and tilting of drum. Hoist available with crane trolley, for mounting on ceiling with I-beam. Funnel for loading of drum.

Design Features
Housing and base of the machines are heavy weld constructions. A three-phase motor with V-belt drives the central pulley. Integrated into the mechanical brake system is a cover locking device. With the cover open, the brake is always applied, and only with cover closed can the brake be released and the microswitch be actuated to start the centrifuge. This assures safety for the operator. The control is mounted to the machine, and equipped with an adjustable timer for cycle time.

Multimatic Degreasing System
Multimatic Degreasing SystemEconomic Automatic Solvent
Parts Cleaning System

Hydro carbons and modified alcohols are an alternative to the use of chlorinated solvents. To protect the environment Multimatic has developed a process technique in a closed system that permits the use of hydrocarbons or modifed alcohols as solvents. An optimal cleaning solution, low running costs, maximum security and very good environmental acceptability are someof the benefits even for the most demanding cleaning processes. The complete system works under a vacuum so that the flash point of the solvent does not present a restriction for the cleaning process. The simple and conventient operation by Siemens SPS with and alphanumeric display permits the individual storage of 8 different cleaning programs. Automatic program selection from the tray load/unload system is also available. Other suitable solvents: Percholorethylene, Tricholorethlyene, other solvents on demand.