COMEX - Continetal Machinery Exchange Corp.



COMEX establishes the most accurate value and maintain confidentiality when engaged to auction one piece of equipment or a complete plant.

Therefore, we proclaim with pride that we provide total customer satisfaction. If needed, we hire the services of outside Experts, Vendors and Competitors around the world to achieve this goal.

We can bid on your behalf!

We attend autions of all kinds throughout the USA and Canada. We will be happy to bid on your behalf for a 5% commission providing you wire your funds to our account within 24 hours of our phone call informing you of the amount due, otherwise the fee will be 10%. Your costs will be as follows: Winning bid amount + bidder's premium (ask for details) plus our commission.

Fax us your wish list for any type of machinery, attachments or tooling you may need. Indicate the maximum bid amount and features desired on the equipment you wish for us to bid on.

Do not limit your wish list to machinery listed in the auciton brochure since the auction catalog usually contains many more items.

We will call you from the auction site after inspection to inform you as to what is available and the condition of your desired equipment.

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